July 3rd – Day 2 GC Session Prayer and Praise Report

Praise Reports for July 3rd

  1. The BIG NEWS and PRAISE REPORT of today is that of the re-election of Elder Ted Wilson as General Conference president of the Seventh-day Adventist world Church. It was obvious by votes today (with yellow voting cards raised high and standing ovation and clapping) that he has overwhelming support in his leadership and is very loved by this church.
  2. Wilson shared three goals in his short speech as he accepted the vote for re-election. They were: One, “I hope that all of us will completely and fully lift up Christ’s righteousness in all things.” Two, “I want to ask all of us by God’s grace to be faithful to God’s Word, to His message, and to His calling.” Three, “I want to see total member involvement in evangelism and witnessing. God intends for His people to stand faithfully, but we have got to do it together.” His closing remarks were: “It is Nancy’s and my humble privilege to work with you. I am so proud of this woman who stands at my side. She is a godly humble woman… I pledge to you today, by God’s grace, to look to Him every morning, every moment. I commit myself to God and promise to ask Him every day for His guidance.”
  3. Today’s morning worship devotional was titled: “Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: The Signs of His Return” by Sikhu Hlatshwayo, a Zimbabwean missionary in the United States, went powerfully. Praise the Lord!
  4. Sikhu talked abut the need for better connection between our profession and our life. She shared, “If I’m waiting for Jesus coming, then my life will reflect it.” Later she said, “It’s not about the SECOND COMING of Jesus. It’s about the second coming of JESUS!” (Important where the emphasis is!)
  5. G.T. Ng gave inspiring report and shared four milestones for Adventist church. First milestone: Ng shares that SDA church, now at 18.5 million members, is now the 5th largest church in the world. Second milestone: 1.16 million baptisms in 2014, highest number of baptisms in one year on record. That equals 2.2 baptisms every minute. Third milestone: Four divisions are outstanding in growth areas: ECD, IAD, SAD & SID. We praise the Lord for how HE is blessing and bringing in so many new members to the church. Fourth milestone: Church planting. 2010-2014, 78,810 churches were planted, in 2014: 2,446 new churches were formed. That’s 6.7 churches per day. 215 out of 237 countries/territories that are part of UN have Adventist presence.
  6. Ng shared about mission and that it is not just something we talk about, but it’s the reason we exist as a church. G.T.
  7. G.T. Ng was re-elected as General Conference Secretary, another praise report!
  8. Juan Prestol, a godly spiritual man, was elected as new GC treasurer to replace Robert Lemon, who is retiring. We praise God and are hopeful for what God will do through these three top leaders in the coming years.
  9. The GC prayer room was packed this morning as people interceded for the church. (See picture below). There was standing room only for quite some time. Truly God is at work and His Spirit is moving at GC Session as many many people are praying!
  10. Finally, we praise the Lord for the soon approaching Sabbath and for the many more praise reports to come!

Prayer Request for July 4th

  1. Pray the thousands that will be joining us for Sabbath Services tomorrow, that God will pour out showers of blessings upon them!
  2. Pray that God will speak through the sermon by G.T. Ng tomorrow.
  3.  Pray for the participants and God’s blessing on the afternoon Sabbath Session which focuses on “Church in Mission.” Pray that many more are inspired to be involved in the mission of the church!
  4.  Pray that God will bless the evening reports to be given by the NAD and MENA.
  5. Pray for God’s continued blessing in the prayer room here at Session, that it will be a place of healing as well as inspiration as we hold on to the promises of God.
  6. Pray that it will weather stay moderate and tolerable for GC attendees as they have a LOOOONG ways to walk between Alamodome and hotels and convention center.
  7. Pray for the health and strength of GC Staff and delegates. Many of them have been putting in long hours and are very tired and exhausted.

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