July 2nd – Day 1 GC Session Prayer & Praise Report

Praise Reports

  • Morning Worship devotional titled: “History’s Glorious Climax” was given by secretary of the Trans-European Division, Janos Kovacs-Biro. God blessed powerfully!
  • After getting business session officially started, session opened on a spiritual note with the showing of the video “What Might Have Been, Can Be.” There was time for prayer and reflection afterwards.
  • Sweet Spirit present!
  • A vote was taken to approve 35 new Unions that have been organized since the 2010 GC Session. PRAISE TO GOD!
  • Leaders of breakaway Adventist church in Hungary were welcomed on stage this morning. Members rejoined Adventist Church after 40 years. More praises!
  • 18 special guests attending from China. These are first official Chinese guests at a GC session.
    Nominating committee was chosen! We believe that God is going to bless through these men and women!!
  • Elder Wilson gave an inspiring presidential report on how God has been working over the last 5 years. Truly God has been leading our church.
  • We’ve had powerful times of prayer in the Prayer Room throughout the day!
  • One Russian lady shared how she’d prayed for her son in the prayer room at a previous GC Session and how God had answered her prayer. Powerful testimony!
  • Many shared how 100 Days of Prayer has changed their lives and how they came to GC Session just to pray. God is working!

Prayer Requests for July 3rd!

  • Pray that God will lead tomorrow’s morning worship titled: “Tomorrow’s Headlines Today: The Signs of His Return” by Sikhu Hlatshwayo, a Zimbabwean missionary in the United States who helps lead public campus ministry.
  • Pray that God will bless G.T. Ng as he gives his “Secretary’s Report” summarizing his office for past 5 years.
  • Pray for Robert E. Lemon as he gives an overview of the churches’ financial state with his Treasurer’s report.
  • Pray for the nominating committee and that God’s will would be done in who should be the General Conference President for the next five years. That decision will be made tomorrow! Executive Secretary and Treasurer positions may also be decided.
  • Pray for the prayer seminars that will be given tomorrow by Esther Knott (12:15-1:45) and Dan Augsberger (5:15-6:45) in the Convention Center, Room 102B.
  • Pray that more people will come and pray together in the prayer room in the Alamodome Meeting Room F.

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