Day 9 of GC Prayer & Praise Report

Praise Reports for July 10th

  1. Today’s morning worship was given by Ron Smith, president of the Southern Union in the North American Division. His message was: “Home at Last: The Joy and Fullness of His Return.” Thanks for praying for him. God spoke through him!
  2. Thousands of people are signing up for the new Bible reading Believe His Prophets and United in Prayer initiative. We praise God for this, and we encourage you to continue to share with your family and friends that many more can be part of this journey with us!
  3. The GC business session ended early today. From GC Session twitter reports, it looks like the spirit among everyone has been good even through difficult discussions from time to time.
  4. We’ve had many answers to prayer in the prayer room, which we will share in more detail at a later date. However, in short, we’ve seen people who have come in be convicted to re-surrender their lives to God. We’ve seen supernatural provision in answer to prayer for the needs of different GC attendees. We’ve seen physical relief from pain for different individuals. We’ve also had people in the room who cannot speak English report that they could understand everything that was being said during the prayer sessions. (This is just too amazing!)
  5. We praise God that many church leaders and laity have shared with us that they’ve been inspired to go back to their churches around the world and raise up more prayer ministries and activities. May God continue to build a mighty movement of prayer around the world.
  6. The convention food has been healthy and tasty!
  7. The weather has been warm (sometimes much warmer), but not overly humid or miserable. We praise God for this, for bad weather could have made life much more difficult.
  8. The musical selections have been amazing on so many counts. It’s also been amazing to see the different cultures and their talent. God is working among His people!
  9. We praise the Lord for His hedge of safety and protection around this whole Session.
  10. Now we praise the Lord for the soon coming Sabbath!

Prayer Request for July 11th

  1. Pray for safety of all those that will be coming in for Sabbath! This will probably be the largest group! Pray that they will also receive the inspiration they need to have a closer walk with God!
  2. Pray for the special mission offering which will be collected during Sabbath worship services to fund thousands of youth-driven mission projects around the world.
  3. Pray for Elder Wilson as he gives the Sabbath morning message at 11 a.m.
  4. Pray that many will be inspired and convicted and blessed by the Sabbath afternoon program titled, “The Church in Mission.” Pray that individuals will be inspired to become personally involved in our worldwide mission.
  5. Pray for the closing Sabbath evening program which will be “Mission on the Move,” formerly known as the “Parade of Nations.”
  6. Pray for each of the GC delegates and attendees as they return to their homes, churches and countries around the world that they be equipped and empowered to work even more effectively for God.
  7. Pray that after Session is over, attendees and leaders would be inspired to go back to their home Divisions, Unions, and conferences and pray with the same fervency and passion for their leaders and churches, and that this movement of intercessory prayer (holding up the arms of those in office – Ex. 17:12) would encircle the world helping usher in that full outpouring that we’ve been waiting for. (It still hasn’t happened. We are still waiting! But we must keep praying, for God promises it will come!)
  8. Pray that we can all keep our eyes on the goal and realize that Jesus is coming soon!
  9. Pray that WE as a church will continue to prepare our hearts and focus on that goal, being ready for Jesus soon return.