Day 8 of GC Session Prayer & Praise Report

Praise Reports for July 9th

  1. Today’s morning worship was given by Taj Pacleb, an evangelist for Central California Conference. His message was, “Into All the World: The Proclamation of the Gospel and His Return” and was a powerful testimony of how God can work in our lives when we fully commit ourselves to Him.
  2. Nominating committee work is over. This afternoon divisions separated to caucus to select department leaders. Agenda items are fast coming to a close. It hasn’t always been easy, but God has been working, none the less! Delegates continue to testify to this.
  3. We’ve had several reports of non-SDA workers who have been really impacted by what they’ve observed in the meetings and in the interaction with the delegates and attendees. Some have even joined us in the prayer room. Praise God! We’ve even heard that one of the security guards has requested baptism. This is another amazing answer to prayer!
  4. The morning after the big vote, the GC prayer room was packed once again. Standing room only for awhile! Many people are seeking God’s will and wisdom for the future. Sweet spirit reigns!
  5. Powerful and inspiring TED and WAD Division reports tonight. WAD pictured above with, “Jesus is coming again!”
  6. God has also been blessing in the women’s ministry meetings and the prayer seminars. Good attendance and lots of positive reports.
  7. Administration and leadership continue to share with us that they feel God’s sustaining hand and strength! We praise the Lord for this! He will carry us through. Only 2 more days to go, and Session will be over.


Prayer Request for July 10th

  1. Pray for Ron Smith, president of the Southern Union in the North American Division, as he gives the final morning devotional message. His message will be: “Home at Last: The Joy and Fullness of His Return.”
  2. Pray as the business items for GC Session are brought to a close.
  3. Pray that the meeting will finish early and that there will be time for an extra prayer and praise session for the whole group of GC delegates.
  4. Pray for the additional Adventist that will be traveling here for the final GC weekend, that God will use this weekend to inspire and bless them in a powerful way.
  5. Many have been struggling with health issues during GC Session. Please pray that God will give healing and people will be able to travel safely back to their homes.
  6. Pray that despite differences, our leaders and delegates will work together to promote unity and move forward in mission.
  7. Pray for Mark Finley and the things he will be sharing with the world church tomorrow night. Pray that many will be inspired and convicted to go deeper in their walk with God.
  8. Pray that we can all keep our eyes on the goal and realize that Jesus is coming soon!

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